Premier Supplier of
Chicken Breasts.

We select only the finest U.S.D.A. inspected chicken breast.

Our inspection test carefully portions and weighs each chicken breast using computerized scales to guarantee consistency and appearance. Every chicken breast is hand-packed in plastic bubble or flat trays, categorized by skin-on or skinless, and individually weighed from 2-24 ounces. We also sell the freshest whole chicken and chicken parts.

Our Healthy & Premium Chicken Products

We are passionate about providing you with a wide range of fresh chickens.

Fresh Chicken is our Business

We provide tender and flavorful chicken that you can feel good about.
Our Approach

We pride ourselves on carrying the freshest and the highest quality standard and specialty cuts for wholesale, distribution, and food service customers.


Los Angeles Poultry Co. was designed to provide premium “hand cut” portion control products.

Health Choices

Procure the right product for your healthy choices with a full line of All-Natural, Antibiotic-Free, Organic, and Free-Range Chickens.

Simple to Fancy

Los Angeles Poultry chicken is the most flavorful and deliciously moist chicken breast you have ever tasted.

Let us help you create a center-of-the-plate presentation that will impress. Call us at 323-232-1619 or click GET STARTED to connect with us via email.